Silicone Cables

Silicone is one of the important inventions of our era which
can be used in a wide spectrum of areas from
health to industry. Silicone is a synthetic rubber provided
by serial complex reactions from Silicone elements.
Silicone isolation, due to its high heat endurance and
flame retardent qualities, is used reliably where fire
control and fire fighting is necessary.
In high temperatures, as well as in low temperatures,
Silicone maintains its flexibility. Special formulations
can ensure its flexibility even in -95 °C.
•Physical specifications do not change in high and low temperatu res.
•Unaffected by climate conditions.
•High resistance to humidity, radiation, ultraviolet rays, ozon e,
oxygen, corrosion and pressure.
•Extremely high electrical isolation.
•Carying capacity of additional currents higher than 50% in PVC
and other rubber isolated cables.
•Resistance to chemical solvents.
•Feature of biological inertness.
•It does not stick to other materials.
Silicone, as defined by standards, normally has a wide working
temperature range (Between -60°C and 180°C).

Certificates of This Product

Silicone Cables
Silicone Cables


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