Silicone Profile Gaskets

SERVICE TEMPERATURE :-60 C° TO+200 C° (max 250 C°) HARDNESS :50-80 TO SHORE A DIMENSIONS :DEPENDİNG ON THE REQUIREMENTS COLORRS :ALLR In generally continuous changes and improvements in the design of household appliances and industrial or household ovens and in other fields where it is necessary a good behaviour against different determineting agent as well, promote that silicone profiles are an irreplaceable component to make more perfect and functional joints with full guarantee. All the design are carefully studied by our Technical Department to supply material suitable to our Costumers' demands, based on their particular necessities they are manufactured in different technical characteristics, to improve the tear resistance, compression set, resistance to high temperature(max 300 C) air, steam, oils, chemicals, etc.


All the products we produce are produced with ISO 9001: 2015, quality management system, ISO 14001 2015 Environmental management system, ISO 45001 worker health safety and management system CE, VDE, SI: 1.1 ISRAEL, TUV Rheinland, REACH is certified with RoHS standards and is under AR-EL guarantee as it is tested with modern laboratory and control equipment equipped with high technology.